#46 The Rivers of Blessings

Tonight I am sailing with my friend. 

She asked me to write about rivers, a particular type of personal flow, but it’s impossible to write about this amazing person without describing her first and foremost as “a friend.”  But that “title” does not speak with justice for our friend “Sally”. 

It is such a privilege to have people who bless us each day with love and prayer.  These special people are friends of the Inner Heart.  It is amazingly beautiful to have friends who practice profound faithfulness to us and who pray for us every day subconsciously. 

Many times in our lives we experience dangerous and lonesome frontiers and we would never cross these thresholds without the guidance, shelter and prayers of such friends.  Great friends have a sense of spirituality about them that draws no attention to themselves.  These people have often lived through great difficulty without spectacular announcements or declarations and often times exhibit a peace that is natural and reflective to the soul itself.  Their daily life and routine is a river of blessings from early morning to late night.  Blessings for health, work, journeys, animals, people, friends and for those near and dear to us who have passed. 

These rivers of blessings flow through and with us.  Without such friends and their blessings we would not, nor could be who we are, and through their generosity of spirit we grow and flourish and celebrate the life we live in.

Flow on lovely river and let your blessings flow gently through us.

The Mindful Farmer