#44 An Angel This Christmas

Christmas can be a wonderful time.

It can also be a time of sorrow and sadness for families.

Most types of families experience many types of emotion at this time.

I am lucky to have 3 wonderful children, a wonderful wife and many deep and wonderful friends.

Going deeper than that I have been so blessed to have had wonderful parents and parents in law and of course my Connemara parents.

I truly believe through prayer and meditation that the spiritual presence of all these wonderful people has combined in heavenly theatre to send us our most recent blessings – our adorable little angels, Ada Beth and her brother JJ. They melt my heart and they could melt the hearts of world leaders and all people.

The question I would like to ask this Christmas is why can we not treat all babies and babies that grew into teenagers and later adults with the gentleness and heart and loving openness and in return we receive the same kindness and love and make the world a better place for all to dwell in harmony and not just for Christmas.

Merry Christmas

The Mindful Farmer or Gran Pat to Ada Beth and JJ, our adorable little angels.