#43 The Soul

Your soul and mind are very sacred. Few of us really recognise that within our soul there is a place, a special place that no one, no thing, no place can touch.

Many of us, probably a lot of us, never realise or never go there to find a shelter that is so natural.

We need peace to find this very special place. Sometimes we need a bolt in life to send us there, maybe a time of grief or maybe a time of deep, deep sadness that first sent me to the depth of what I believe to be my soul.

This sacred temple surrounds every heart in every human and provides shelter and nourishment for our vulnerable clay and connects us to our spiritual world which in turn relates all our wonder and inspirational clay to the ultimate Holy Spirit to watch over us and guide us on our way. We need light to fire up our souls and this comes in many forms, sunshine, a warm glowy fire in winter or the flame of passion. It is a wonderful thought that all of these flames or any of them, can have the power to burn away all this is false in this world and return us to a real life where we can all live in the heart of our souls.