#42 Salt of the Earth

I often refer to the salt of the earth when I am giving a talk at retreats or food talks as we are organic farmers. I always quote our slogan “from soil to society”.

I am very particular about the quality of our soil. Healthy soil, healthy grass, healthy food for our animals then healthy food products for our customers and for society.

We can never fall out of the shelter that Earth has created for us, a shelter of belonging. All our worlds are so busy now, our minds are over saturated and demented. We know well we belong to the earth. We are created from it, just like the fields, mountains and animals. Sometimes however, unlike them, the quality and passion of our longing makes us restlessly aware that we cannot belong to the earth and soil and this is not true.

Our bodies know we belong but it is our minds that make our lives so homeless. A healthy earth has a sacredness about it and we, as custodians, have a duty to protect it in a dignified and reserved way.

It holds our dreams and our memories and just sits there in deep silence and solitude and it never falls out of its native rhythm. It is totally self sufficient and always hospitable to us. My father often said to me when he turned a fresh sod, “Smell the earth – it is sending you health,” and there was always something special about this smell and everyone knew it, at least in west Limerick.

He would then say, “The masterpiece is over to us now,” and now again I refer to “Salt of the Earth” and if the salt of the earth has lost its flavour and savour, it is henceforth good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under the feet of men.

We all have a duty to ensure this does not happen and let us remember the words of our fathers… 

The masterpiece is ours now .

Let us be honourable.

The Mindful Farmer