#41 A Tribute to Mairtín

Hewn out of the mountains of Connemara, you arrived here on your own, emerging from the nursed womb of your mother and bursting into the world at over 14 lbs in weight. M aybe an Irish or world record weight? You arrived into a unique and wild world within your heart until you joined force with the great and beautiful Deirdre.   Her task not easy, to mould, shape and smooth out this crop of mountain.

We traversed many a path together.  We walked the shores around beautiful Connemara, where we talked, discussed life, living, history, politics, sport and our favourite subject – spirituality.  

When it came to prose, I was as lost as you were when it came to moving wild boar.   One of my greatest living moments with Mairtín was the day he let all the young wild boar fly past him, selling him dummies all day. On that evening he said, as only he could, “Pat – the look on your face today when I let the wild boar through was the most frightening expression I ever saw on a man’s face.  I thought you were going to kill me!”  

Such are my great memories of this great man.  We rolled whiskey barrels, we drank fine wines and dined at great tables together, we sent an Irish ladies’ school champions team to Peru together.  The list is endless but in life and in all the good and the great times, there must be an end.

Each one of us carries a unique world within our hearts, no soul is mortal.  We are all children of earthy dreaming and we all dream back to our clay belonging and when you arrive, may there be a beautiful welcome for you in the eternal happy home where you are going to. You are not going to somewhere strange, merely back to where you have never really left.  May your going be sheltered and your welcome as warm as your nest in Coileain.   May your soul smile in the embrace of your Anam Cara.  It was wonderful having made your acquaintance Mairtín.  This is not goodbye.  We will walk and talk daily in our spirited minds.

Slán go fóill.

The Mindful Farmer – Pat