#40 Carraig An Daimh

“The rock of the stag or the stag’s resting place”

We all like to rest at some stage of the day. We all need to build up pur energy reserves. When I look at nature on the farm and having studied all the species over six decades, I believe the red stag to be the most interesting, extraordinary and mindful of all the species.

He will spend all the time he deems necessary resting and allow the wild and natural beauty of the farm to gather round him as he peers out from inside the shade of the old oak tree. He chews the cud knowingly and slowly while admiring his herd, the fruits of his blood, his head held proudly as his regal branches of ivory reach for the heavens.

I often ponder what are his thoughts deep within his now silence. He is surely nearer to earth’s heart than we are. Animals know this world in a way we never will. What does he stare at in the fragments of his memory? Does he praise and thank the earth? Does he pray for the farmer? Is he thankful for the firmness, dexterity and his fleet of foot? What does he think when he looks up at the mountains? Does he wonder at their certainty, their sublime stillness? Does the mirror of water reflect his majestic beauty?

Does he understand when he and I exchange a glance and thought that we are at home where he was born, the deepest place on earth and in that special moment of clear silence, in our animal world, may our minds be baptized, our locked minds freed of senses and may we feel all nature breathing with us.

Rest easy with me my friend Daimh.

The Mindful Farmer