#39 The Gush of the Ocean


No need to see but it is obvious.

The gush of the ocean and then to see the blush of the sunset as it completes the compliment of what can be one of nature’s beautiful experiences. No artist could have created this natural yet wonderful audio visual experience as the one I experienced this evening.

The ocean rolled calm as not to take from the vision that rose above it on the horizon. The pale pink blush of the sunset hints to the romance of yet another meeting tomorrow and I look forward to my date as the sound of the ocean makes a strange music. Sometimes the music can be careless, then joyful. It can be playful, but also the ocean can be mournful and wailing. Then again it can be beaming like an orchestra that I have heard on occasions on the rocks at Inis Mhic Uileáin, one of the Blasket Islands.

The ocean knows many truths and spans vast distances connecting many lands. It has vast experience of the connectivity of lands and the many forces of the infinite territories of space. It connects to the moon in a beautiful manner. It is a sister of light whose reflectivity minds the earth at night and draws the red water from the moon into its rhythm as well.

When I sit back and think about what I have seen, I consider the loyalty of the ocean. It is always there no matter what. It also teaches us resistance. It keeps rolling ashore no matter what. No two waves curl in the same manner. Are we not like waves in the ocean, special in our own individuality?

The Mindful Farmer