#38 Speaking in Silence

Today as we walk mindfully around our thinking path about 400 yards in a circular motion and wrapping around our three gardens of mindfulness, meditation and forgiveness, we commence again at the entrance of our thinking path and listen to the bell chime.

We notice to the right a message written on a beautiful ash tree. “The quieter you become the more you hear.”

We then proceed to a limestone seat in the meditation garden. This cold stone could be hewn from time immortal and as I place myself mindfully on the seat with my feet placed firmly on the ground, I begin to speak in silence.

When I speak in silence either in my own company or in the company of a loved one, special friend or a like minded soul, I am compelled to hold their eye and heart fixed in my vision. I then begin to focus on silent dialogue, to reach their heart. The subject will vary depending on my company. I then invoke the assistance of my spiritual angels to transport my love and healing into the wrapping chambers of my soul where my glory gift will be wrapped in velvet warmth and transported daily to the heart of my recipient from where it will shine into the deepest recesses of your being. Cleansing, refreshing and renewing.

These great gifts of love, joy and peace are yours for eternity. They are now planted in the garden of your heart which is surrounded by the warmth of our souls where we will have eternal dialogue in stillness and silence where your will and mine will flow smoothly together.

The Mindful Farmer