#37 The Night, The Five And The Light

First it was 30 days for the five to light. To light the soul of George who for over 130 years had been deprived of source to fully illuminate and express. A source that the beautiful grey stone giant had been deprived of over this historical period of time. 

When the 30 days were passed and there was silence and we heard first the footsteps, then the chatter and then the angelic and dulcet symphony that was now inspiring and illuminating, the sounds and shapes of all things present began to emerge and they make sense. From my Latin days a thought came to my mind “creation – ex – nihilo”, “created out of nothing”. We are now leaving behind the worry and weary ways of seeing but now for a second coming with all the innocence that a fresh encounter brings to creation.

Creation always brings with it dignity and glory and sealed here tonight among family and friends my heart is full, my soul is at peace. How fortunate am I to be a part of this new possibility. A possibility that we have discovered. A new source in this wonderful project. In my experience in life the excitement of a new project releases a vibrant source that is often accompanied by the sense of a return to something ancient that was always secretly near.

Tonight, May 18th 2019, the flash of connecting light suddenly came from nowhere and illuminates. Thank you St. George for the night and the opportunity for five to light.

The Mindful Farmer