#36 The Visit – A New Beginning

A new beginning is always exciting. It allows one to open up new avenues in your heart where for many, silent dreams have been quietly forming and ready to emerge. We often times shelter in the seduction of safety, for some they will live their lives denying the whispers and knocking of the heart.

For others a new beginning will open their eyes with energy and dreams of a new world, of plenty opening up wide ahead of them. The destination may not be clear but you believe in the trust and promise of your dreams. It will awaken the spirit of adventure. You will learn to find ease in the risk, you will find a new rhythm that will warm your heart to fire the world around you.

This beginning will inspire you with courage to live the life that you would love and postpone your dream no longer and to do at last what you came here for and waste your heart on fear no more.

Here’s to a new beginning.

The Mindful Farmer