#35 My Animals Me or Me My Animals

Here on this beautiful farm at Ballinwillin House my animals, deer, wild boar, goats, foxes, badgers, rabbits, hares all shelter in the bosom of the farm, watched over by an array of song from birds, pheasants, crows, jackdaws and many more. T

he creatures know the world in a way we will never know. They live near to the hearth of the earth. They are seldom distracted by the buzz of our world unless we interfere. They speak in a knowing silence as they gaze inwards. They are at one with the roll of the earth’s rhythm and surface as they draw from its inner power and force. They have a lightness of spirit and they can feel the wild, absorb the rain, soak in the sun and dress seasonally with the cover of clay to change their dress style. They walk the earth with confidence, agility, elegance, and with a clear eyed awareness. They are my continuous tutors and I pray in hope that they trust the intentions of my farming hand to feed their thoughts and temper their hearts.

Love my animals me or me my animals.

The Mindful Farmer