#34 I Smell Spring

This morning as I make my way up the fields to socialise with my animal friends, I smell spring.

It is in the air and everywhere around me here in Ballinwillin.

Sometimes in the deep dark grey of winter it is hard to imagine and only bleakness meets the eye. But I know the miracle of spring is already in preparation. The flowers are beginning to imagine how their fragrance and fantastic blooms are returning. I walk by an old majestic oak tree. I notice one big bud about to burst soon. The symphony of renewal will be no longer reversible and from the black heart of winter a miraculous spectacle of colour returns.

Nature will always take its time and nothing is rushed. This symphony of nature is in rhythm with the bird chorus on this fantastic morning. The deer are bounding around the fields, heads bowed, bodies looped and legs high as if they are dancing ballerinas in timing to the bird song.

I can smell the breathing of the grasses, it refreshes my heart. I see the morning mist glisten on my black wellies and a wonderful feeling of change comes over me like the changing of spring. We must all dream to change in rhythm with the seasons. It is the longing of every beating heart. 

Smell the spring.

The Mindful Farmer