#33 Here in the Desert March 2019

Here in the desert, a desert that once fostered my fine son John and now my beautiful daughter Elayne.

Here in the desert where the tall sky scraper buildings are pumped from the ground by the power of oil.

Here in the desert where motorways and bridges are clipped together like Lego.

Here in the desert where arid sand particles cloud your vision.

Here in the desert where the dry wind and sun drown down your throat like a torrent of fire.

Here in the desert where all the beautiful people employed to run the services of hospitality and industry exude joy and happiness in their warm hearted welcomes.

Here in the desert I wonder about the dark, cold, white eye of their master.

I enjoy their chanting and their religious intention but deep in my heart, my mind, my gut, my soul, they all talk to me in a nervous manner.

Here in the desert there are no trees to hug, no forests to wander through, no audible bird song, not enough animals to balance the nature of this sparse land.

Here in this desert I search my mind and I came to search for my God and the God for all people in every crevice and corner as I endeavour to embrace every belonging.

May we always have the courage to speak for the excluded ones. Alas it is now time to leave this world of glitz and return home hopefully more open, more enriched but my soul is disturbed and my heart confused but my prayers will ring out for all who dwell and visit here in the desert.

The Mindful Farmer