#32 The Mindful Farmer Visits Ground Zero

As the morning light arrives, I awaken to the rain drops falling heavily on my 21st floor window. The wind is howling. This is a grey day in New York City. I decide to commence my visit to Ground Zero with determination as only unique to The Mindful Farmer. As I move along the soggy streets puffed up with steam from the deep and continuous underground, I marvel at the volume of people and all the strange faces from a multitude of backgrounds and denominations.

I remind myself this is a long way from West Limerick and very different. As I reach my destination I observe the advised wings of the snow white dove surrounded by the tall towers as they almost spread out to receive the arrival of the magnificent bird. Symbolic of peace, but in this case also a deep sense of emotion and loss. As I approach the magnificent memorial, which is sheltered by a beautiful plantation of oak trees which as time goes by will grow tall to clothe and warm the spiritual surrounds of this area, I am very aware and have entered with an open heart full of reverence and prayer for the loss of all.

I tread softly around offering prayer and mindfulness as I ponder over the names of those inscribed, that some fresh healing may spring from the depths of the well that consumes the huge volumes of the sheets of water that are swallowed just like the aircrafts were swallowed up by the towers.

I withdraw for a while into my own tranquillity and endeavour to loosen my heart and pray for all sides tragically involved. Sadness engulfs me. I hold back the tears of emotion as if all who were lost here were my audience. I pray for healing and I light a mindful candle that will shine brightly on all souls who perished here in this memorial of absence and may they all enter into the beauty of eternal tranquillity and spirituality where there is no more sorrow or mourning or tears only to enjoy their return home to eternal glory.

Yours spiritually

The Mindful Farmer