A Tribute to Mary Anne

Today we met on the twisting, winding road.  You’re going east and I’m going west.  Both of us in our clay suits of destiny differing to both of us.

I recall the autumn of 1977, mid September, as I drove into your driveway where a mountain of turf heaped in your front lawn rose high up above me.  You stood proudly having filled your wicker basket with turf for the night’s fire, hands on hips, a quick swipe to the bib and over to greet us in a warm and welcoming manner. 

Straight to the kitchen we hasten, kettle on and the blackberry and apple tart cut into diamonds on the table.  This was the first of many a meeting for the next 42 years until your calling this morning early. 

We all need to weep your loss, but you will always dwell in a safe place in our hearts.  Though we cannot see you in our outward gaze, we know that your spirituality, kindness and beauty will always shine a light of warmth and guidance on us all.  We all pray that our dark grief will flower with hope in every heart that loves you and may you continue to inspire us, a host of people who you never forgot to pray for, whose birthdays you never forgot and also the “fact that you never forgot.”

We now remember with a humorous sadness, but enough of sadness, we now celebrate your great life and place your smile like flowers on the altar of life. 

May God bless and welcome you Mary Anne. It was a great pleasure to have known you.  Through your strength of thought and talk and action, you have made your imprint on the canvas of life.

Watch over us all from your spiritual garden.


The Mindful Farmer

Monday 8 April 2019