#28 Work

Work is my conversation with my landscape.

Thank God and my Mum and Dad for teaching me how to work. Since I can remember as a young boy I was taught how to milk a cow. Farrow a sow. Till the fields by hand. Fence the ditches.

Work always needs to be done on a farm. The next day’s work was always planned late by the open fireside as the ashes began to lose their flame. I always have a profound need to understand the relationship between working the soil and its effect on the landscape. I have a constant need for the physical, sensuous, and elemental interaction with the soil. The beauty of being on your own, out in the fields listening to the silence. This silence lets me dream again.

When I tire nowadays I sit still on a boulder and I think that our problems arise from our inability to sit still but I notice that all my animals can sit totally still for hours. I often wonder what they are dreaming.

Back to work again as I tend to the soil, our clay. I think this is the only constant in our lives. It has been here for millions of years before us and it will be here for as long after us and it is my gift from God to unearth its riches.

Enjoy your work

The Mindful Farmer