#27 The River

The river is a most beautiful piece of structure in any landscape. It contains many characteristics of real life. It is pure to the eye and can take any shape. It provides for families down through the ages. It has great generosity and humility. It always lives in the now and never looks back as it continues in its great flow of life along its journey.

When I listen to its rapid and gurgling flow I can hear the spirit of life from deep within my heart and soul and spirit world which inspire profound imaginative thoughts. It also has that beautiful easy power that engages the water element from within where our wells of emotion are deeply stored and urges us to fire those sources so we can flow freely back into rhythm with ourselves.

The river is very dignified. It does not insist on any priority of place. It will flow until it finds its very own level. It will obey the gradient of gravity without any hesitation and will always occupy the lowest place. Often times as I gaze into the pure water of the river down to the bottom it reminds me of pure love and friendship. It is transparent, no nets or entanglements, it unites and dissolves whatever is caught, entangled or hardened. As it leaves my field it humbles and gurgles on carrying its blessing further to where it is needed. It can be the difference between life and death. Flow freely between the known and the unknown

The Mindful Farmer