#26 The Girl From Home

This was a November day to remember. The weather was horrendous. The wind was blowing wild and the rain was bucketing down.

After a beautiful mindful morning session I set off fencing. My fingers were numb on the high tensile steel wires as the weather was getting colder and more wet, but as the outside weather was deteriorating, my inside was getting warmer as my blood temperature was rising.

I often find this to be the case as I have very high energy heat. I worked on. Being soaked to the skin was nearly enjoyable, but I had an appointment hadn’t I?

3pm I got home, quick cold shower and change as I knew she would be on time. Yes she was, 6 minutes to 3 she jumped out of her car and bounded to the front door as athletic as Grainne Mhaille, she shook my hand with awesome power. As she entered the kitchen her bright, open eyes and wide smile lit up the room. We sipped the fragrant coffee and we discussed all matters touristic at a speed that would do justice to Chinese ping pong.

She radiated knowledge across the dining room table as if it was a Celtic feast, yet she of tender years possessed a knowledge and enthusiasm beyond her years and I thought this woman could be President of Ireland, President of Europe and yet she is hewn from our people in rural Ireland. A neighbour’s child from Lauragh. A credit to her people and community and rural Ireland.

This is what rural Ireland is all about. Producing great people with extraordinary talent. On a November day that weather might attempt to dampen your spirit and soul. It had the opposite effect from dawn to dark on me. I added up all my mindful credits, put all the laurels on my daily bouquet and the shining light was the girl from home. Triona, The Munster Vale Queen.

Bon voyage

The Mindful Farmer