#24 The Pony Hug

This morning as I embarked on my mindful Connemara walk, it was a beautiful crisp Connemara morning. The chimney pots were puffing out the scentful wafts of smoke from the burning turf and reminding my lung and brain that these wafts had delved deep into the bosom of the ancient fossils before they arrived in Connemara’s sweet scented landscape.

As I climbed up the hill I was mindful of the rasping wind whistling through the lonely telegraph poles and wires. The granite walls were pale from the cold wind and the long Connemara grasses were brown from the iron rusted water flowing through their veins. The ocean was wailing. The scene was now set for the highlight of the walk as I reached the summit and my old friend was already striding towards me in determined mood, nose to the ground as he marched forward to our resting post at the gate.

We hugged and embraced for a while. I patted his tossed main and patted his forehead and he reciprocated by blowing at my forehead through his gnarling nostrils. As we hugged we exchanged our respective healing powers and we both saw in each others eyes that this, as always, was a special moment and then he glanced to the oceans left, nodded his proud head and wished me on my way.

Sadly as we said goodbye he turned elegantly and left the summit and I walked on with my blackthorn stick to keep me earthed. I know he said rest easy and safe crossing of all your seas until we meet again. This wonderful experience was a very special moment, full of life, beauty, deep sadness of parting and joy at the thought of the next meeting with my beautiful Connemara pony friend.

The Mindful Farmer