#22 As A Child If Only I Knew

As a child if only I knew what grew beneath the soil.

As a child if only I knew what flew right above the clouds and me in the middle. The river as usual trying to smooth and heal the soil by kissing its banks with permanent love.

I now know from my life experience that we are ancestral products of our genetics and the waters of our fore bearers and the millions of soil particles that make up one clay. It is no wonder we are complete. How could we be any other way?

As a child I felt all these ingredients within me and could not understand why during the day I constantly poked the soil with my stick and looked up at the sky to witness the various forms of life floating in and out through the clouds mirroring what was going on beneath the soil. This constant agitation by day followed by the sleepless night while I cliff hangingly held on from the anxiety of not understanding my world. This out of life daily and nightly experience had to be dealt with separately from my normal daily life and I did so by prayer and meditation and we all grew together to where we are today, peaceful and with a little more understanding of life.

Listen to your soul and pay attention to your terrestrial minders.

The Mindful Farmer