#19 Grow Little Boy, From

From the darkness of the womb, to the light of the world, the little boy opens his eyes. Later he will walk then talk.

It is a blurred world out there as you strive to gain confidence of mind and body. At home and in school you endeavour to carry yourself with dignity, grace and strength on behalf of your family and on your own behalf.

You try and find manhood with grace and mindful ease and as you grow into middle age may all around you trust and feel your heart. W hen life gets difficult, as it will at times, be gentle with yourself and with others.

Learn to love the mind in your life. A mind you have fashioned, harnessing its force, nourishing its tenderness. May you always have the courage to change and welcome voices that call you beyond yourself and may your work and actions always remain faithful to your heart. May you be from boy to man full of dignity and nobility.

My father always sang “a mothers love is a blessing”. It brings tears to my eyes and onto this paper but every boy, no matter what age, should be taught this beautiful verse. Always be embraced by your mother’s love and you. the little boy, will always grow within a truthful heart.

The Mindful Farmer