#12 A Prayer to Our Fathers

Today I turn back the sod to make a new home for the purple beech, Fagus Sylvatica, which are coming to adorn my 3 gardens of Mindfulness, Meditation and Forgiveness.

The morning dew glistens on the surface of the green sod which I place mindfully upside down. I dig downward to make a welcome deep rooted warmth for the incoming residents.

As I smell the happy humus of this new breaking ground, I muse how many times has this ground been broken previously? Who are the ancestors whose names and faces I never knew or whose sweat and struggles fell toilfully into one with me now?

I take a deep breath, pause and gently place a beautiful new beech plant into the depth of a new beginning and say a silent prayer for our Fathers who have been guardians of this beautiful Earth and on our behalf and who have taught us how to manage this Earth with respect.

Yours mindfully

The Mindful Farmer