#11 Belonging – Where Do We Belong?

As I sit and watch the sunset that dimly lights up the pink sky behind the tall beech trees, I know I belong in this place on this farm.

It is a very comforting feeling.

Where do you belong?

Nowadays it is even more important to belong. Many of our ancient and traditional ways and shelters are now in ruins. We are losing the art of fostering communities. Consumerism and technology pretends to unite us, but what is really happening is that we are being sent simulated, abstract images that distance us from our families, friends and our lives. Our modern, so called global village has no roads or neighbours. It is a faceless, impersonal landscape from which all individuality has been erased.

Now in the peace of the evening let your true heart and spirit guide you to where you belong and plant your feet firmly into the depth of the earthen ground where you can belong.

It is your choice and maybe your last chance to belong.

The Mindful Farmer