#9 Are You Prepared?

This morning as I ambled my way leisurely and returned to Galway for a heart procedure, I was keenly more conscious of my wonderful surroundings.

The landscape of the West, I thought you are my friend. I have many friends. Do I celebrate them enough?

I arrive, park up and was led to the gallows by my two minders and was handed over. Two hours passed, a million repeated questions then I was wheeled away into the chambers where I am sure many hearts are broken.

Not mine thank God this time.

I was amazed at how relaxed and peaceful my state was and yes I was prepared. The odds of something going wrong were only 5000 to 1 my surgeon informed me and I thought the Lotto odds are way off this and I thought I was going to win the Lotto someday.

Some chance.

Then I thought, I have won it many times in life, love, friendship, but it is wonderful to feel prepared. 

Are you prepared?

The Mindful Farmer